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From Decks to Solariums: Streamline Your Residential Projects

Installed in minutes with minor disturbance to the surrounding soil, a screw-pile foundation lets you quickly push on to the more rewarding parts of your project: like enjoying a family barbeque on that new deck.

Residential Uses of Screw Piles:

Foundation Repair

A dock near a construction site where screw piles are being installed.

Docks & Decks

Fancy House.jpg


& Extensions

A row of concrete fences that can be built on screw piles.


A close up view of a retaining wall.

Retaining Walls

To increase the stability and longevity of your deck or dock installation, avoid concrete piles, with their messy installation process and tendency to lift and crack in the harsh Canadian winters. Screw piles install in a matter of minutes, have an extensive lifespan, and are nearly untouched by the stresses of winter.

It's quick and easy to create the foundations to a beautiful home extension with screw piles. As the piles are engineered to easily support the weight of an entire home and are highly resistant to moving and settling, your home expansion will be installed more quickly, and reliably retain its stability and value.

Accelerate the slow, tedious process of fence installation with rapidly installed screw piles. Rather than working through the slow process of digging and pouring concrete foundations, finish your fence faster with foundation piles that are installed in a matter of minutes.

Installing a retaining wall is a fast, streamlined process when working with screw piles. Each individual pile is installed in a matter of minutes and is able to support far more than your wall requires. You can rest even easier knowing that your wall is further reinforced when you use our specifically engineered lateral-stabilization system.

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