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Recent Signature Projects.

Got a tough project on your hands? We're always here to help. We pride ourselves in tacking the toughest project that Alberta and Western Canada can throw at us. Here are some examples of ways we've served our clients, that we're particularly proud of. 

Surerus Murphy - Emergency Rig Stabilization

An excavator installing a screw pile at night to stabilize a drilling rig in an emergency situation.

With a stalled drill rig--stopped in it's tracks by a shale deposit, Surerus Murphy needed a rapidly mobilizing solution.

Within four hours of receiving their call, CSP was on-site, and worked through the night to stabilize the rig, pushing the project through to completion.

Air Liquide - Custom Tank Base Design & Construction

An excavator installing a screw pile to support the foundation of an industrial chemical tank.

The original foundation system designed for Air Liquide's chemical tank was expensive--requiring 10" piles to provide support against lateral strain.

Our screw-pile system. equipped with proprietary lateral-stabilization technology, allowed us to slash the cost of the project, and rapidly deliver a foundation solution under budget.

Capital Bridge - Foundation Recovery and Stabilization

Screw piles or helical piles being used to support the deck of a multi-million dollar house.

For this multi-million dollar house built on low-grade soil, a standard repair job was out of the question. 

With a custom-designed recovery solution, we were able to salvage the crumbling foundations and save the house from demolition. 


High tech hydraulic system being used to support the crumbling foundations of a multi-million dollar house.
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