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Screw Piles: The Better Foundation Solution.

Control costs and accelerate projects with Alberta and Western Canada's fastest mobilizing, heavy-duty Screw Piling contractor.

Screw Piles (or helical piles) are a safe, fast, and cost-controlling foundation solution for a wide range of projects. We understand that every construction project is different, and our in-house engineering and manufacturing capabilities make sure that we provide you with exactly the foundation system you need to see your job succeed. 

Excavating, Grading, and Other Services

Complete your project faster with our in-house earthworks teams. Our crews expertly handle excavation, grading, and concrete work stand-alone services, or to streamline your screw piling projects. 

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Recent Article: "Screw Piles: The New

Tool in Fighting Construction Delay"

All of us working in the world of construction are aware of this one, sad, truth: Project delays happen.


No matter how diligent or organized we are there's almost always something in the chaos of a big project that can slip past our guards and cause a project to fall behind schedule. Welcome to organizing large groups of people, fleets of equipment, and yards full of supplies.


To highlight that point: A 2017 survey from the UK actually found that oversight-caused delays lead to over half of construction companies going at least 10-20% over budget on 8.6% of their projects.


In an industry where that kind of overrun can decimate a project's profit margins, we need...

Our Client Feedback.

"Great company, they were very professional, quick to install, and very competitive rates. We would highly recommend this company."

"Excellent job, and I'd recommend CSP to anyone. Great, affordable and time saving solution for any type of structural post."

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